• With wireless charging case
  • Touch Sensors (Play/Pause & Siri)
  • Name change feature
  • Find My Airpods (GPS)
  • Get the same quality as originals and save the difference


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  • Talk to Siri
  • Wirelessly Charge through case
  • Automatically Connects
  • Exceptional Audio and Voice
  • Instant connection with your phone. Just open the lid and the Pop-up window will appear
  • Compatible with all iPhones, iPads Mac and even Android phones.
? Touch Control
Answer/Hang up
Wake up voice assistant
? Bluetooth 5.0
Automatic on/Automatic off
Automatic pairing, Automatic connect
Separate use of each ear
Noise cancellation
? In-Ear Detection
Use smart sensors to detect if the headset is in the ear


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